It’s possible I had spiderwebs in my hair for the last 5 hours

But that’s what you get, I suppose. Felt something tugging at the bits of hair stuck up by gel, while taking out the garbage, but looked up and felt nothing. Same thing while taking out recycling. Finally noticed a spiderweb attached to the grape vine, but thought not too much of it.

Went out to Letterpress PDX to do a little cleaning and organizing – I’m volunteering to earn time on the Chandler Price so I can print some card designs. Will be debuting styles this Autumn at at least one store in town, and will be shopping them to others, as well as offering them on Etsy. But yeah, spiderwebs in the hair there, at the library, Fred Meyer, and elsewhere.

Also started four new panels last night and worked on two pieces still in progress. It’s good to be busy, and artists, like sharks, need to keep moving or perish. I’m learning this later than optimal, but better later than never.

In Studio 8/11/14



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