It’s a living … in a way.

Although not at galleries proper, I have two shows lined up for 2015. Woot! First up is July – September in the Bridgeport Brewpub banquet room at 1313 NW Marshall Street in Portland, Oregon. I’m planning on having a reception there at the start of the month of July. Details will follow as I cook them up. The space, otherwise, is for private events, so get on the stick and book your wedding reception or something there!

After that I’ll be showing at a Natural Health Clinic in the Laurelhurst neighborhood in Portland. A reception will also be held for this show, which runs October – December of 2015, so look for details on that, closer to the date. In the meantime, consider getting some chiropractic work, a little acupuncture, (maybe) and perhaps some healthy dietary advice, at the place, the name of which I will reveal when the TIME IS RIGHT!

Keep interacting with art!

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