F4ntastic Four

Josh Trank isn’t a name that turns heads. At least I don’t think so. And this isn’t a Hot Take. F4ntastic Four, the last installment of that superhero team’s cinematic franchise, directed by Trank, didn’t turn many heads either.

It starts out as an adept but facile superhero origin story, entertaining and good enough to make us want to follow it, before turning into what others have termed a body-horror movie (and there are indeed easy comparisons to Cronenberg, parallels if you will, if you want to summon them from the grain).

In other words, it’s intriguing, even as yet another unneeded origin-story reboot. And then the film turns into a self-hating DC Comics movie before quite suddenly ending, when others would have rumbled on for 45 minutes of fighting. Which would have been OK.

So why try to make something interesting of the movie before choking-out and dooming the franchise yet again? Banker interference probably. Which is too bad, since F4ntastic Four could have been the start of something semi-challenging in the Comic Book Movie World.

Instead, it tanked, due to chicken-shit bankers who didn’t get it, and tried to drastically change it at the last second. Dr. Dooming the franchise. What are we teaching our children? Make money or you don’t deserve to live.

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