Tickler File

In college I had a part-time job working for (if I recall correctly) the 2nd Largest builder of Mausoleums in North America. (I remember it was a Mausoleum Construction Company, just not sure of the size, might have been the 1st largest, but that’s not really the point, is it?)

At any rate, it was a fascinating office assistant job, which sometimes included taking the owner’s dry-cleaning to the Dry Cleaners, and it definitely included Knowing Where The Staple Puller Was in the secretary’s office, (I didn’t, and was excoriated) but it also included filing, lots of filing. It’s where I learned of the Tickler File. A stupid name, I thought, for a catch-all of things that needed to find their proper place, I think, and probably a term used widely in the World of Filing.

At any rate, it’s a term that stuck with me well beyond my short-ish tenure at the construction company, and I used it just now to make a sub-folder in my Art file. I put some images in it that have a specific file name format, for submission to various Calls For Art. The included image was one of those submissions. Wish me luck!

“Wishing You Were Here” Mixed media, 4″ x 4″ (so much smaller than it appears here)

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