Purist? Or Masochist?

Probably the latter, and/or convenient self-sabotage. Or maybe I can simply put a positive spin on these things I do by looking at them from a better perspective.

That is, can I look at this blank canvas, and do what I usually do: no studies, just an idea, dive in and respond?(That’s artist-speak for, “I have an idea of what I want this painting to look like, but if it doesn’t start to turn out how I want it to, I will make the best of it.”)

Or, should I do a ‘study’ or two? (That’s artist-speak for, “I will make smaller versions of this until I get one that ‘works’, and then I’ll recreate it in large form.”)

I usually don’t do studies, but I did a quick first-step study for this one, and kind of ran away here to write about it. Either method is reasonable. It’s how ‘the artist’ frames it internally that matters. In other words; thinking good thoughts is what counts.

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