Reverse Vampires

A year and a half ago I went on a journey of reverse-laziness. I was too lazy to return mail-order jeans that didn’t fit, so I got on the exercise bike every day until they fit.

The Art Practice is like that. I have more ‘cheat days’ than I care to admit, but my practice has always been as much about thinking and observing as it has been about action. That said, the social media portion is the one that really needs repetition, and SHOWING UP FOR WORK. There are plenty of ‘cheat days’ for me in social media as well, but I’m working on that. Some days I may do the equivalent of one curl with a dumb-bell, but if I (or you, dear reader) do that with regularity, it builds that muscle up!

Here’s a picture of an older piece for you, thanks for reading! (It’s available to take home at my Etsy Shop, here!)

“Pretty Please With Sugar On It” 8″ x 7″ 2005

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