Artist Statement

No offense, but I’d rather get shingles than read or write an Artist Statement. All the stories have been told billions of times over, and the reasons are now as prosaic as dust on a coffee table. So here goes: I’m a crazy person. I believe all artists are more-or-less crazy. We spend time developing a secret language we hope other crazy people will want to decipher, and if they do, we hope they will pay us for it. So I’ve been working on my current ‘code’ for 20 years, and you know what? It uses the same symbols as a million other artists. But I hope, at least, you will get that my message is this: life is scary, but we can find the beauty and magic in it (gag). Kids are much better at this than adults, and nature is better at it than the aberration known as humankind.
For what it’s worth, the paintings are on dry joint compound, (the stuff used in sheet-rocking new homes) with pretty colors soaked in, and other types of marks. It’s an ecosystem of intent and error that, if I’m lucky, balances out compositionally. Sort of.

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