Subjectiv Journal

I have a few paintings in the Fall 2021 issue of Subjectiv Journal, which features literary and visual art from … More

A new direction?

This new idea for iconography came down the line of inspiration into my head a couple weeks ago. This is … More

2 submissions

Sent out two submissions today! I wonder how many per day, week, month, is right?

Reverse Vampires

A year and a half ago I went on a journey of reverse-laziness. I was too lazy to return mail-order … More

Intent and inspiration

Through Instagram I discovered a ceramic artist whose ideas align very closely with my own. In particular I appreciate his … More

Purist? Or Masochist?

Probably the latter, and/or convenient self-sabotage. Or maybe I can simply put a positive spin on these things I do … More


Should art be sold? Or should artists just have regular jobs and use all their spare time to create art … More

Ahh Everclear

The below painting and 3 others will be in the Gestalt 8 show (8 is the number this year so … More

Sunny Sunlight

Nothing better than sunlight for photographing art, at least for the budget-conscious. So here is a new one, that was … More

Giving Up

The phrase ‘give up’ isn’t in my vocabulary, it’s more like it’s part of my genetic code. As an internal … More

Glacier, Meet Snail

I’m not trying to win any races, but slow and steady does work. (Or in this case, slowness hasn’t been … More