Process Art

I’m not using the term accurately but for my purposes, the way I make the art dictates the content as … More

Snowsuit Sound

I had a weird dream last night wherein I was following a mid-tier indie band around, kind of bothering the … More

My Life Statement

I’ve figured out the phrase that’s defined and hampered my life: “I don’t know what to do.”Whenever I feel ‘up … More

Work in Progress

I’ve told myself not to be so precious, but it’s really hard most of the time. I’ve uncoupled creativity from … More


It’s frickin’ pitch black at 5:15 and on this day, I am A-OK with that.

ahh 80s

on a guess I’d say Missing Persons was from LA and I love this micro-genre of ’80s post-punk LA pop. … More

Three Dog Night

This song was one of my mega-favorites as a young lad. It instilled a sense of thrilling spiritualistic hope and … More

Approaches to creativity

I like making 3D Fractal art, which is of course based on using a computer program. I recently discovered a … More

Long Song

This interpretation of a John Cage composition tickles me no end. (Almost literally!)

They’re like my kids

Stop me if you’ve heard that before, but as most overused aphorisms go, it’s trite but true. You can kill … More