time to buy and assemble some more panels. ready to start new stuff instead of finishing not-new stuff …


Gotta burn up to move forward.

Hounds of Love

Music is a huge part of what I do. (I wish I could invite you all into my studio to … More

Slow roll

Slowly going to post new paintings in the gallery as I finish and take ‘acceptable’ photographs. Here’s one that’s 12″ … More


I like to distill things, and I like things that are distilled. (Easy now.) When something is stripped down and … More

All In

worked on a 36″ by 60″ painting tonight. got paint on my laptop. seemed all right. 🙂

A Better Look

at “All I Want Is You”. I really dig this piece. It makes me want to paint some more! Rawwwk!

All I Want Is You

The painting in repose. It is one I gave up on two-plus years ago. I found it and started to … More

Why I Do It

In all seriousness, this is why I do it. I’m not necessarily trying to advance the conversation about art in … More