I just don’t get it.

Sometimes working on art is like pulling teeth for me. I suppose if I were earning Dentist’s wages then pulling … More

Keep On Going

This painting took several periods of working to get it right. I don’t know how many. I would work on … More

Tickler File

In college I had a part-time job working for (if I recall correctly) the 2nd Largest builder of Mausoleums in … More

Art Criticism

How self-critical are you? I’m the worst! I’ll often work at night, and, whether I’m pleased or not with what … More

Process Art

I’m not using the term accurately but for my purposes, the way I make the art dictates the content as … More

Snowsuit Sound

I had a weird dream last night wherein I was following a mid-tier indie band around, kind of bothering the … More

My Life Statement

I’ve figured out the phrase that’s defined and hampered my life: “I don’t know what to do.”Whenever I feel ‘up … More

Work in Progress

I’ve told myself not to be so precious, but it’s really hard most of the time. I’ve uncoupled creativity from … More


It’s frickin’ pitch black at 5:15 and on this day, I am A-OK with that.