Long Song

This interpretation of a John Cage composition tickles me no end. (Almost literally!)

They’re like my kids

Stop me if you’ve heard that before, but as most overused aphorisms go, it’s trite but true. You can kill … More

Bowery Electric

Hard to believe that this song (as I write this) is 26 years old. The sound of summer bumble bees … More


I often chase an unintended outcome, rather than follow through with the original game-plan. #StudioPractice

Studio Time

Studio Practice is a fascinating aspect of Making Art and its legitimacy. If legitimacy is indeed the measure, I’m the … More

No Sketchbook!

Haven’t had one in a long while and don’t know why. One problem this creates, especially if you like to … More


sometimes the work you do on a painting makes you angry


Not that type. My process of painting has been rigorously controlled chaos, but always, entirely additive. Any error or miscalculation … More

La-la-la Artist Statement

I think Artists with a Capital A lose about 90% of their potential audience with the Artist Statement. No mistake, … More