Hot Take

The sound of a quill scratching across parchment centered us as a civilization.

Talk about Pop Music

I’m a pop music fan. I love a good pop song. And when you’ve got cross-over appeal and immaculate production, … More

Content and Screen

I would like to personally move towards something like ‘Content-less Fridays’. A full day would be great, especially in conjunction … More

Perfect things

This Bobby Caldwell song is pretty-much perfect, but the last two minutes or thereabouts is irrefutably so.

Dolby Mapfumo

I always think I’m looking for ‘Screen Kiss’, by Thomas Dolby, which is a fine song in its own right, … More

Something new

Who knew that working with the awesome Bridget Larrabee ( and her curation efforts for IFC’s Portlandia would provide prove … More


As you know, (my two readers) “I Love Every Little Thing About You” snuck into the background of a scene … More

The Smartest Pop Band

For reasons we’ll not delve into at this point, Phoenix is the only band I’ll buy on release day, unheard. … More

Roll on Portlandia

Because they are all around cool people, Art Scout and the Portlandia Organization are selling the art seen in the … More