didn’t make it down to the studio yesterday, so the laundry is still there. Joys of being a bachelor I … More


Today I have a very important test to take, and lots of studying to do. I’m getting ready to host … More

ramble on

Yes, I love Led Zeppelin. But that’s not the reason for this post. The reason is to post something every … More


Felt tentative last night. Been a little too long since I was able to crawl back down into the studio. … More

I know exactly what I’m doing.


something I’m digging right now is knowing I can make marks exactly as I want them to be, but not … More


Maybe pictures of wet joint compound on a piece of wood aren’t all that interesting, but I think they are. … More


If you believe in something, never give up on it. That thing may never come to fruition, but you’ll know … More